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Mission Statement 

The Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athletic Equipment Room is dedicated to providing quality management of athletic equipment and apparel. We strive to provide each student-athlete with the highest quality service for their athletic equipment needs.

Policy and Procedures

Equipment Room and Hours of Service 

The Temporary Equipment Room – is located at South Court – Athletic Modulars, CMC.

The Equipment Room is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. during the academic year.  Hours on weekends and outside the academic calendar are established based upon the needs of the individual sport programs.  Equipment Counter Services begin at 9:00 a.m.

Equipment Department and Sport Responsibilities 

Brian Smith, EMC (74210), Equipment Manager - Oversees 19 Athletic Programs, Uniform / Equipment Capitalization Budgets, Student Staff.

The head coach will meet with the equipment manager to determine program needs for the following season prior to the deadlines listed below:

Fall Sports – December 15th

Winter Sports – March 15th        

Spring Sports – May 15th

Within one week of a coach’s meeting with the equipment manager, the head coach will submit the requisition form(s) to the equipment manager and discuss proposal(s). This form will include proposed vendors and cost per item. Coaches are not to make purchases (pertaining to uniform capitalization) without prior approval from the Equipment Manager.

The athletic equipment manager will approve or amend the approval. Then will submit the requisition requests to the business manager for payments.

Embroidery and Screen Printing

Today’s athletic environment is an increasingly competitive one. Rankings, ratings, the internet—all give prospective student-athletes and their parents more options to evaluate our teams than ever before. CMC Public Affairs and Communications and the CMS Department of Athletics have worked together to shape and refine the updated visual identity. It has been developed to help CMS position itself as a premier athletics department in the NCAA Division III and beyond. The new brand will establish a stronger visual presence, uniting the department, and presenting a more cohesive look and feel to all audiences. The new identity and corresponding Graphic Standards reflect CMS Athletics’ style, passion, and character, as well as its traditions, strengths, and values.

These guidelines are designed to protect the investment CMS has made in the new brand image. With your commitment to the standards, CMS will present the strong and unified message that is very important to our communication efforts. A thorough understanding of the elements within this manual is critical. Deviation

From these guidelines may create confusion and dilute the brand identity of the department. Therefore, it is extremely important that all athletic department coaches, staff, and vendors adhere to the standards as outlined in this manual. Our brand identity is a highly valuable asset. Careful execution of the identity program as it has been designed will ensure a successful rollout and long-term implementation. Your support and cooperation are appreciated in its promotion and protection. Please take the time to review all the sections of this manual and share it with anyone responsible for producing materials for CMS.

Shipping and Receiving 

All items are to be delivered to the Equipment Room and inventoried prior to distribution. The Equipment Manager is responsible for completing the required receiving report, inventory documentation and proper storage of all equipment. Immediately upon receipt, all goods are to be verified to ensure that all components are received in good condition and proper quantity. Receiving Reports are sent immediately to the Business Manager to insure timely payment of accounts.

All Athletic Product(s) are to be shipped to: 

Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletics
C/O Brian Smith
790 N Mills Ave
Modular C
Claremont CA 91711

Equipment Issuance

In accordance with Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletic Policy, Southern California Intercollegiate Conference rules and NCAA rules, intercollegiate athletics will provide athletic equipment and clothing for all student-athletes participating in an athletic program.  Upon receipt of a final roster from the Head Coach, the Athletic Equipment Room will issue Athletic Gear to each athlete.

Equipment Retrieval 

The retrieval of athletic equipment issued by the Athletic Equipment Room from the Student Athlete will occur within  10 days of completion of the last competition date ( e.g., end of season, End of NCAA Post season play,  player is dismissed from roster.) If Athletic Equipment is not returned to the Athletic Equipment Room within this 10 day period, the athletic equipment manager will submit requests to the student accounts office and the CMS Business Manager to place holds on the student account delaying graduation, release of diploma, grades etc… This hold will be lifted once the SA has returned the missing equipment, and or paid missing charges (Special circumstances will be determined by the Athletic Equipment Manager and Athletics Business Manager 


Sizing Charts

Baseball Track & Field (M/W)
Cross Country (M/W) Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball Women's Golf
Men's Golf
Women's Lacrosse
Men's Soccer Women's Soccer
Softball Women's Tennis
Swimming & Diving (M/W) Women's Volleyball







Equipment Room Staff

Brian Smith E.M.,C
Equipment Manager
Office Phone: 909-607-4210
Email: brian.smith@cms.claremont.edu

CMS Brand Manual and Guidelines

*Please contact Brian Smith (brian.smith@cms.claremont.edu) for the username and password of the logo downloads page if you are an authorized vendor of CMS Athletics, or one of its teams.

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