CMS And Other Division III Members Celebrate Division III Week April 8-14

CMS And Other Division III Members Celebrate Division III Week April 8-14

CLAREMONT, Calif. – For the second-consecutive year, NCAA Division III and its 446 member institutions are celebrating Division III Week, a week aimed at celebrating what those schools have to offer student-athletes in the classroom, in the field of play and in the community and what each school’s student-athletes have accomplished in those disciplines. This year Division III Week is April 8-14. For information all week long on Division III Week and about some of the student-athletes at CMS, visit the CMS Facebook page. You can also use the hashtag #d3week and #whyd3 on Twitter to share your stories and thoughts about Division III.

There are 178,441 DIII student-athletes across the country and well over 400 in 21 sports at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps. With 446 schools, NCAA Division III is the NCAA’s largest division.

Year-in, year-out, CMS, its teams and its student-athletes show what Division III athletics is all about. In the 2011-12 school year, eight CMS teams won SCIAC Championships while numerous individuals were recognized for their all-around efforts with All-Conference and All-Academic awards. So far in 2012-13, five CMS teams have won conference championships. In addition, CMS student-athletes are heavily involved in the community as nearly half the teams at CMS have participated in some sort of community service over the last year. Below is some key information on what Division III is all about.

The Three D’s

Division III student-athletes are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions beyond the classroom and field of play…to discover themselves.

Develop: Division III institutions provide an environment that encourages student-athletes to develop into well-rounded adults. Small class sizes, the ability to participate in more than one sport, and an emphasis on participating activities outside of the classroom are all hallmarks of the Division III experience.

Dedicate: Division III institutions expect student-athletes to dedicate themselves to achieving their potential. Student-athletes must manage their busy schedules, keep up with class work and face the same challenges as the rest of the student-body.

What Does Division III Athletics Have To Offer?

Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities offered on Division III campuses.

* Division III playing seasons and eligibility standards minimize conflicts between athletics and academics, allowing student-athletes to focus on their academic programs and the achievement of a degree.

* Division III offers an intense and competitive athletics environment for student-athletes who play for the love of the game, without the obligation of an athletics scholarship.

* Division III athletics departments place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators. The student-athlete’s experience is of paramount concern.

* Division III athletics departments are dedicated to offering broad-based programs with a high number and wide range of athletics participation opportunities for both men and women.

* Division III places primary emphasis on regional in-season and conference competition, while also offering 36 national championships annually.

* Division III affords student-athletes the opportunity to discover valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, perseverance and leadership, which in turn make student-athletes better students and responsible citizens.

* Division III features student-athletes who are subject to the same admission standards, academic standards, housing and support services as the general student body. The integration of athletics with the larger institution enables student-athletes to experience all aspects of campus life.

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