Athenas win another SCIAC match

In Friday's match against SCIAC competitor CalTech, the Athenas continued their recent streak of dominance. Playing without several members of the regular starting line-up, the Athenas won the match convincingly at 8-1. The CMS Athenas are currently 5-1 overall and 2-0 in SCIAC. They are looking forward to two more tough opponents on Monday, Trinity University and the University of the South. Those two teams are ranked #25 and #21 respectively and so a win for the Athenas would likely boost their current ranking of #28. 


Claremont-Mudd-Scripps vs California Institute of Technology

Date:  3/11/2011

Location: California Institute of Technology

Winner: Claremont-Mudd-Scripps

Score: 8-1 

#1 Singles Kristin Lim (CMS) d. Rebekah Kitto, 6-2,6-0 

#2 Singles Stephanie Kwan (CalTech) d. Brittan Sutphin, 6-3,6-2 

#3 Singles Victoria Santoro (CMS) d. Caroline Yu, 6-0,6-3 

#4 Singles Victoria Nichols (CMS) d. Wubing Ye,  6-2,6-2 

#5 Singles Erin Coughlan (CMS) d. Jessica Yeung, 7-6(3),6-1 

#6 Singles Alle Hsu (CMS) d. Michelle Tang, 6-0,6-0 

#1 Doubles Chloe Dobbert  Jaclyn Smrecek (CMS) d. Rebekah Kitto  Jessica Yu,  8-3 

#2 Doubles Brittan Sutphin  Victoria Santoro (CMS) d. Wubing Ye  Stephanie Kwan, 8-1 

#3 Doubles Erin Coughlan  Caroline Daly (CMS) d. Caroline Yu  Jessica Yeung,  8-1