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To all CMS parents and alumni,

Thank you for your continued interest and support of our athletic program. Many of you are aware of the tremendous growth the CMS program has been experiencing. CMC, HMC and Scripps Colleges have supported the department and our athletic program as we have grown to 20 varsity sports, the most recent women's lacrosse, fifteen full-time faculty, seven full-time staff, and roughly 400 student-athletes. We continue to be competitive in all sports, winning our share of championships, awards and recognition. We currently hold the conference All-Sports titles for men and the combined programs. We're all very proud of our success and continue to challenge our teams and athletes to achieve at their highest levels.

In planning for the next 25-50 years of CMS athletics, we have identified program needs and reaffirmed our philosophy of providing a quality, competitive experience ingrained in the academic environment our students have chosen. It is my challenge and goal to continue to support our programs as they grow and improve in the competitive environment of the conference and NCAA Division III. These realities necessitate the continued growth and improvement of our coaching staff, attraction of quality student-athletes, the scheduling of exciting and challenging competition, and the development, maintenance and renovation of our facilities.

With your continued involvement and support, we can meet these challenges and provide the current and future CMS student-athletes with all the components of an excellent athletic experience that will compliment their academic experience. Thanks again for your continued support.

Mike Sutton
Director of Athletics
CMC ‘76

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