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Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athletics

500 E. Ninth Street
Claremont, CA 91711
Phone: (909) 607-2904 | Fax: (909) 621-8848

Administration and Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Michael Sutton Director of Athletics & Physical Education - William B. Arce Professor & George R. Roberts Fellow 909-607-3562 michael.sutton@cms.claremont.edu
Jodie Burton Associate AD & SWA 909-607-3139 jodie.burton@cms.claremont.edu
Randy Town Physical Education Director 909-607-3561 randy.town@cms.claremont.edu
Adam Pruett Director of Recreational Sports 909-607-8331 adam.pruett@cms.claremont.edu
Deanne Block Administrative Assistant 909-607-1898 deanne.block@cms.claremont.edu
Yolanda Villegas Administrative Assistant 909-607-2904 yolanda.villegas@cms.claremont.edu
Emily Nordhoff Sports Information Director 909-607-1123 emily.nordhoff@cms.claremont.edu
Brian Smith E.M.,C Equipment Manager 909-607-4210 brian.smith@cms.claremont.edu
Sports Medicine Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Steve Graves ATC Head Athletic Trainer 909-607-3248 steve.graves@cms.claremont.edu
Craig Harnetiaux ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-607-9699 craig.harnetiaux@cms.claremont.edu
Raechel Holmes ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-607-3248 raechel.holmes@cms.claremont.edu
Sachin Patel MD Team Orthopedic Physician 909-593-7437
Paul Dagenais Team Physician
Student Trainers
Name Title Phone Email
Bill Walkenbach Head Coach 909-607-1798 bill.walkenbach@cms.claremont.edu
Nick La Face Asst. Coach
Men's Basketball
Name Title Phone Email
Ken Scalmanini Head Coach 909-607-7153 ken.scalmanini@cms.claremont.edu
Levi Sieg Associate Head Coach 909-607-3688 lsieg@cmc.edu
Khris Fortson Asst. Coach
Nick Jackson Asst. Coach
Women's Basketball
Name Title Phone Email
Kristen Dowling Head Coach 909-607-2251 kristen.dowling@cms.claremont.edu
Chelsea Stocks Asst. Coach 909-607-9585 chelsea.stocks@cms.claremont.edu
Jennie Rintala Asst. Coach jennie.rintala@cms.claremont.edu
Cross Country
Name Title Phone Email
John Goldhammer Head Coach 909-607-3564 john.goldhammer@cms.claremont.edu
Jennifer Tavé Asst. Coach jennifer.tave@cms.claremont.edu
Collin Christensen Asst. Coach
Name Title Phone Email
Kyle Sweeney Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator 909-607-1768 kyle.sweeney@cms.claremont.edu
Mark Odin Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers 909-607-1808 modin@cmc.edu
Chris Vicory Offensive Line/Special Teams 909-607-4566 cvicory@cmc.edu
Justin Luthey Defensive Line 909-607-4663 jluthey@cmc.edu
Bob Sierra Defensive Backs 909-607-9335 rsierra@cmc.edu
Jason Reyes Quarterbacks 909-607-4601 jreyes@cmc.edu
Richard Richardson Running Backs
Men's Golf
Name Title Phone Email
Bim Jollymour Head Coach 909-607-7306 BimJ@aol.com
Women's Golf
Name Title Phone Email
Jodie Burton Head Coach 909-607-3139 jodie.burton@cms.claremont.edu
Julie Lynd Asst. Coach
Women's Lacrosse
Name Title Phone Email
Lauren Uhr Head Coach 909-607-1694 lauren.uhr@cms.claremont.edu
Men's Soccer
Name Title Phone Email
Matt Edwards Head Coach 909-607-7471 office matt.edwards@cms.claremont.edu
Sam Meyers Asst. Coach 617-821-6719 samuel.meyers@cms.claremont.edu
Women's Soccer
Name Title Phone Email
Keri Sanchez Head Coach 909-607-9069 keri.sanchez@cms.claremont.edu
Tyler Kahn Asst. Coach
Lauren Phillips Asst. Coach
Nikki Ayers Asst. Coach
Name Title Phone Email
Betsy Hipple Head Coach 909-607-8613 betsy.hipple@cms.claremont.edu
Johanna Clair Asst. Coach johanna.clair@cms.claremont.edu
Jon Nachtigal Asst. Coach
Swimming & Diving
Name Title Phone Email
Charlie Griffiths Head Coach 909-607-9338 charles.griffiths@cms.claremont.edu
Fran Jobes Diving Coach frances.jobes@cms.claremont.edu
Courtney Eads Asst. Coach courtney.eads@cms.claremont.edu
David Fahey Asst. Coach david.fahey@cms.claremont.edu
Lilly Belle Deer Asst. Coach lillybelle.deer@cms.claremont.edu
Men's Tennis
Name Title Phone Email
Paul Settles Head Coach 909-607-3563 paul.settles@cms.claremont.edu
Chris Fabrizio Assistant Coach 626-705-6461 the4fabs@msn.com
Hank Krieger Volunteer Assistant Coach 909-607-3618 hkrieger@hmc.edu
Women's Tennis
Name Title Phone Email
David Schwarz Head Coach 909-607-4237 david.schwarz@cms.claremont.edu
Andrew Thomson Asst. Coach
Rachel Manasse Asst. Coach
Hank Krieger Volunteer Assistant Coach 909-607-3618 hkrieger@hmc.edu
Track & Field
Name Title Phone Email
Glenn Stewart Interim Head Coach 909-607-7020 glenn.stewart@cms.claremont.edu
John Goldhammer Distance 909-607-3564 john.goldhammer@cms.claremont.edu
Christa Youngern Throws 909-607-1073 christa.youngern@cms.claremont.edu
Emily Ramey Sprints, Javelin 909-607-1073 emily.ramey@cms.claremont.edu
Mike Powell Jumps
Jennifer Tavé Asst. Distance jennifer.tave@cms.claremont.edu
Name Title Phone Email
Kurt Vlasich Head Coach 909-607-3565 kurt.vlasich@cms.claremont.edu
Morgan Coberly Asst. Coach
Savannah Flores Asst. Coach
Josh Davis Asst. Coach
Water Polo
Name Title Phone Email
Greg Lonzo Head Coach 909-607-4590 greg.lonzo@cms.claremont.edu